Rio Hondo ISD - (031911)

The TxEIS Enterprise system is the most comprehensive enterprise information system available and is specifically designed to meet the needs of Texas school operations. It can service the needs of districts from 300 students to 70,000 students

Employee Portal allows you to view your current and historical pay information including calendar year-to-date information, deductions, earnings, leave balances, W-2 information, and 1095 information.

txGradebook is an integrated classroom management system that allows teachers to maintain and post student data, including attendance and grades. This application also allows you to receive transfer students and produce Interim Progress Reports (IPRs). Various inquiry pages allow you to view student demographic data, contact information, attendance records, schedules, photographs, and TAKS scores.

Parent Portal is a parent portal application that provided parents and guarding web access to current school-related information.

txMyZone is a student application that provides students Web access to request courses for the next school year. Students may access txMyZone from anywhere with an Internet connection (school or home). txMyZone is fully integrated with the TxEIS Student system and provides real-time data that is updated any time courses are requested. Districts have the ability to customize their own campus messages and to maintain different levels of access through various district and campus options.