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Administering the Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing-2nd Edition (CTOPP-2) Presenter: Ashley Arnold

The CTOPP-2 meets the need for an assessment of reading-related phonological processing skills. It identifies students with phonological difficulties who may be at risk for reading problems. The CTOPP-2 can be used to identify individuals who are significantly below their peers in important phonological abilities, as well as determine strengths and weaknesses in already developed phonological processes. The CTOPP-2 can be used to document individuals’ progress in phonological processing as a consequence of special intervention programs. The CTOPP-2 is also frequently used as a part of a comprehensive dyslexia evaluation. This session will provide the participant with the background and uses of the CTOPP-2, as well as how to administer, score, and interpret the CTOPP-2.

Diagnostician's, LSSPs, 504 assessment personnel











Special Education

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Education Service Center
Zoom Cloud Meeting 3
4/5/2024 1:30 PM 2:30 PM

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