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Region One ESC Three-Day Effective Teacher's Support Academy GEAR UP (*by Brownsville Extension Office)

Day 1 - Differentiated Instruction: Mastery Learning for All Students: New Teachers will recognize and understand how to maximize learning for all students by addressing student interest, learning profiles, and readiness. Teachers will plan lessons that allow for student preferences, processing, and practice of fundamental skills and concepts. (Book included) Day 2 - Student Engagement through Effective Classroom Management: Teachers will plan, prepare, and create a classroom culture responsive to student learning by using the critical elements of effective classroom management that include the management of time, space, materials, and behavior. Day 3 - Lesson Planning & Lesson Delivery: Teachers will explore teaching strategies and insights for immediate classroom application in key areas such as strategic grouping, responsive lesson planning, student progress monitoring, and establishing a conducive learning climate. *Training Location: The Brownsville Events Center, 1 Events Center Blvd., Brownsville, Texas 78520

Region One ESC GEAR-UP 8th Grade Teachers (*by Brownsville Extension Office in Brownsville, Texas)







Critical Thinking
ESL Strategies
Instructional Strategies
Learning Strategies

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Workshop Materials

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Dates, Times and Locations

Room Name Workshop Date Begin Time End Time
Brownsville Events Center - Room #1 10/22/2019 8:30 AM 3:30 PM
Brownsville Events Center - Room #1 11/13/2019 8:30 AM 3:30 PM
Brownsville Events Center - Room #1 1/16/2020 8:30 AM 3:30 PM
Brownsville Events Center - Room #1 1/29/2020 8:30 AM 3:30 PM
Brownsville Events Center - Room #1 1/29/2020 8:30 AM 3:30 PM

Workshop Contacts

Name Type E-Mail Phone
Benjamin Avalos Presenter
Anabel Rangel Presenter
Jodi-Beth Moreno Presenter
Jessie Doria Contact (956) 984-6237
Angie Iglesias Contact (956) 984-6022
Cris Hernandez Contact (956) 984-6256

Special Accomodations
For requests for special accommodations for this workshop, please contact one of the individuals listed above at least ten (10) business days prior to the workshop date.