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Instructional Strategies to Address Weak Executive Functioning: Managing Impulses and Inhibiting Responding

“Executive functions” is a term used to describe a broad set of cognitive skills that, when working properly, allow students to manage impulses, work in a deliberate and thoughtful manner, and organize their time and materials. This seven-part series will define the term “executive functioning” using clear, easy to understand language. It will also draw the connection between executive functioning and academics, highlighting the ways in which executive dysfunction can negatively impact learning and performance. Seven key executive skills will be explored in detail, starting with a discussion of what is “normal” and why this skill is important, and ending with examples of strategies that can address this area of weakness. The program is designed so that each module is free-standing, but given the interactive nature of the executive functions, maximal benefit will be gained if all sessions are attended.

Educators who work with students with disabilities: Special Education, General Education, CIA, GT, Bilingual/ESL







Diversity and Special Needs Populations
Special Education

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Dates, Times and Locations

Room Name Workshop Date Begin Time End Time
Education Service Center
Zoom Cloud Meeting 1
2/11/2021 9:00 AM 12:00 PM

Workshop Contacts

Name Type E-Mail Phone
Diana Saenz Contact (956) 984-6129
Perla Pulido Contact (956) 984-6261

Special Accommodations
For requests for special accommodations for this workshop, please contact one of the individuals listed above at least ten (10) business days prior to the workshop date.