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New Assistant Principal Induction Academy

The Texas Administrative Code, 19 TAC Chapter 241.25 (a) states that a principal or assistant principal employed for the first time as a campus administrator (including the first time in the state) shall participate in an induction period of at least one year. Chapter 241.25 (b) states that the induction period should be a structured, systemic process for assisting the new principal or assistant principal in further developing skills in guiding the everyday operation of a school, adjusting to the particular culture of a school district, and developing a personal awareness of self in the campus administrator role. Mentoring support must be an integral component of the induction period. This New Assistant Principal Induction Academy meets the requirements of the TAC 241.25 and focuses on developing foundational leadership skills for new assistant principals. Assistant principals will engage in 3 days of learning that include time management, instructional coaching, data driven instruction and the importance of work and life balance.

New Assistant Principals







Administration & Leadership
Professional Standards for Educators
Professional Standards for Principals

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Workshop Materials

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Dates, Times and Locations

Room Name Workshop Date Begin Time End Time
Education Service Center
Sal Del Rey Room
10/30/2023 8:30 AM 4:30 PM
Education Service Center
Arroyo Colorado Room
11/14/2023 8:30 AM 3:30 PM
Region One McAllen Adult Learning Center 2/13/2024 8:30 AM 3:30 PM

Workshop Contacts

Name Type E-Mail Phone
Aminta Silva Presenter
Aminta Silva Contact
Linda Rodriguez Contact (956) 984-6037
DALIA CASTILLO GRACIA Contact (956) 984-6038
Debby Hinojosa Contact (956) 984-6104

Special Accommodations
For requests for special accommodations for this workshop, please contact one of the individuals listed above at least ten(10) business days prior to the workshop date.