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GEAR UP: College Ready, Career Set! Choose to M.O.V.E.! (Motivated to Obtain Viable Employment) Conservation & Stewardship

GEAR UP: College Ready, Career Set! will connect with local partners to provide students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of various career options available after high school and continue building their resume to ensure post-secondary success. Join us for a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful conservation efforts while enhancing your leadership and teamwork skills. Participating in this initiative will provide you with concrete examples of your commitment to environmental stewardship. Participants will engage in sessions to explore different topics relating to taxonomy, laboratory techniques, marine debris, and conservation efforts through hands-on activities and interactive lessons. Students will culminate their experience by conducting a marine debris assessment and take home a certificate of completion from Sea Turtle, Inc. After completing this workshop students will be Motivated to Obtain Viable Employment (M.O.V.E)!

GEAR UP: College Ready, Career Set! Students and Educators







College/Career Readiness
TTESS 1.3 Knowledge of Students
TTESS 1.4 Activities
TTESS 2.3 Communication
TTESS 4.3 Professional Development

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Workshop Materials


Dates, Times and Locations

Room Name Workshop Date Begin Time End Time
Sea Turtle, Inc. 11/6/2023 8:45 AM 2:30 PM
Sea Turtle, Inc. 11/13/2023 8:45 AM 2:30 PM
Sea Turtle, Inc. 1/22/2024 8:45 AM 2:30 PM

Workshop Contacts

Name Type E-Mail Phone
Alicia Ortega Contact

Special Accommodations
For requests for special accommodations for this workshop, please contact one of the individuals listed above at least ten(10) business days prior to the workshop date.