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Child Outcome Summary Process (SPPI 7) PSJA ONLY

The three child outcomes, measured by early intervention and early childhood special education systems, encompass functional skills and behaviors that are meaningful for a child's participation in everyday routines. They cut across developmental domains to represent the integrated nature of how children develop, learn, and thrive. The breadth of these outcomes provides a framework for describing and consistently measuring children's functional skills and behaviors across settings and situations. The Child Outcomes Summary (COS) process summarizes information on a child's functioning in each of the three child outcome areas using a 7-point scale. With the COS process, a team of individuals who are familiar with a child (including parents) can consider multiple sources of information about his/her functioning, including parent/provider observation and results from direct assessment.

This session will provide training on gathering information for Indicator 7 (Child Outcome Summary Process) of the state performance plan, and the team decision-making process to assign the rating to enter on the child outcome summary form. This training is specifically for those individuals who work with young students who are 3, 4, or 5 years of age and have an IEP (Individual Education Plan).

District Staff and Charter School Staff who work with children age 3, 4, or 5 years of age with IEP's.







Early Childhood
Special Education

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Jennifer Pesina Presenter
Ruben Cervantes Contact (956) 984-6261
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Nelly Villa Contact (956) 984-6206

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