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BRI Seminar Session: Being an American

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Focusing on key documents in American history, we will delve into the core principles and values that define what it means to be an American. Using our BRI curriculum, Being an American, we will explore three key topics: “What does being an American mean to me”, “The Founding documents”, and “The creation of the Bill of Rights.” In exploring what it means to be an American we will delve into the significance of our Founding documents that laid the groundwork for the United States. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Using our ready-made lessons teachers will have an opportunity to analyze the historical context, key principles, and enduring impact of these foundational documents. This session will provide teachers with an opportunity for modeling activities, ready-made lessons to provide tools to foster a sense of civic engagement and appreciation for the principles that unite us as Americans.










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Education Service Center
ESC Region 2, Room 3-20 (40)
6/24/2024 8:30 AM 3:30 PM

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Mauro Sierra Contact

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