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BRI: Supreme Court DBQs

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Using document-based questions (DBQs), examine how to make connections between the Bill of Rights and landmark Supreme Court cases using the Bill of Rights Institute’s curriculum, Supreme Court DBQ’s. In this session, we will explore the creation of the Bill of Rights and the role of the federal courts throughout history. Through interactive discussion and document-based activities, participants will have an opportunity to explore the historical context and debates surrounding the significance of key Supreme Court cased that shaped the interpretation and application of the Bill of Rights, fostering a deeper understanding of the role of federal courts in safeguarding individual liberties. Using our resources, we will critically analyze cases that have had a profound impact on American history. Through interactive discussion and case studies, participants will explore cases such as Dred Scott v. Sandford, Bush v. Gore, Texas v. Johnson, Miranda v. Arizona, Mapp v. Ohio, and Roe v. Wade as well as others to gain lesson ideas and strategies for teaching Supreme Court cases and using DBQs in their classroom. This session will equip participants with the knowledge and resources to engage students in document-based analysis, critical thinking, and informed discussion about the role of the Supreme Court in interpreting the Constitution and protecting individual liberties.










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Education Service Center
ESC Region 2, Room 3-18 (40)
6/25/2024 8:30 AM 3:30 PM

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Mauro Sierra Contact

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