Triumph PHS-RGV - (108804)

The ASCENDER Enterprise System is a Powerful web-based Business and Student administrative applications written specifically for Texas schools, plus all state-mandated extracts and support for OCR reporting

Employee Portal allows you to view your current and historical pay information including calendar year-to-date information, deductions, earnings, leave balances, W-2 information, and 1095 information.

Teacher Portal is an integrated classroom management system that allows teachers to maintain and post student data, including attendance and grades. This application also allows you to receive transfer students and produce Interim Progress Reports (IPRs). Various inquiry pages allow you to view student demographic data, contact information, attendance records, schedules, photographs, and TAKS scores.

Parent Portal is a parent portal application that provided parents and guarding web access to current school-related information.

Student Portal is a web-based system for students that provides the tools that will help you view your attendance, grades, and assignments, as well as organize and plan your schedule of classes. StudentPortal includes two applications, Student Course Requests and Student Graduation Plan.