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7 and a Half Very Simple Things You Can Do to Incorporate Core Vocabulary Into Your Classroom

Have you ever seen a Core Board and thought, "hmmm, I wonder how to use that?" Do you have communicators that need to express themselves using a wide variety of concepts with a small number of words? Do you have students who are not yet verbal communicators or have limited verbal output? Have 101 questions about Universal Core Vocabulary? If you answered yes to any of these questions, join me as we explore core vocabulary and outline the basic What, Who, When, Where and Why to use Core vocabulary with students to improve student engagement, participation, access and interaction. Role-play, practice and modeling opportunities so this becomes a natural part of your day.










All Educators
All Educators
Early Head Start/ Head Start
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Grades 3-12
Grades 3-5
Grades 3-6
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Speech Pathologist
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TTESS 1.3 Knowledge of Students
TTESS 1.4 Activities
TTESS 2.3 Communication
TTESS 2.5 Monitor and Adjust

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Dates, Times and Locations

Room Name Workshop Date Begin Time End Time
Education Service Center
Pecos/Rio Grande Rooms
6/20/2022 9:00 AM 4:00 PM

Workshop Contacts

Name Type E-Mail Phone
Debbie Martin Presenter
Hilaria Arocha Contact (325) 658-6571
Debbie Martin Contact (324) 481-4042
Tatum Bowman Billing Contact (325) 658-6571

Special Accommodations
For requests for special accommodations for this workshop, please contact one of the individuals listed above at least ten (10) business days prior to the workshop date.